Friday, January 26, 2007



Last night's netball match was really very exciting. I had never been to a netball match before, but I was amazed at the speed and skill involved in the game. I think a lot of people see netball as something that doesn't really happen outside of school, but they're wrong and this was a highly enjoyable way to spend an evening. And England won! By miles! 64-30 I think was the final score. If only our cricketers were as good. Or even 10% as good...

There was a massive crowd as well. The MEN Arena only had three sides downstairs and the middle bits of upstairs open, but I would say these areas were almost completely full. I must have been one of only about 30 men in the entire bulidng though, which was an odd experience. It was like being back at the Take That concert again...

I think I may make some enquiries about actually playing netball. It looks like an enjoyable activity - although having spoken to some of Tam's friends there last night who do play it regularly, I think I may struggle to find a men's team. Although apparently in New Zealand and Australia it is actually more of a man's game... Maybe our women can play the Aussie men, and show the cricketers how it's done!

I am off work today - and am taking full advantage of the excitement of a day off by... going to various estate agents and trying to sell my flat. Who says I don't live dangerously eh?


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