Monday, January 15, 2007


No news is...boring news.

I have little to report today, sorry. It has been a day of thwarted ambitions and workplace irritations.

I have stumbled back onto the diet-wagon after yesterday’s pub disaster. So I am hungry and irritable. I won’t give up with this until I can get into the “skinny fit” t-shirt I got free with an 8-pack of Grolsch without looking like I’m 7 months pregnant.

The trials of my flat continue. I have recently purchased a flat that I am now looking to sell. Resultantly I need to discuss several things with the property management company, who appear utterly unwilling to engage in conversation, other than one-way ones involving bills coming from them to me. So I have rung them three times today, to no avail. In my desperation I have contacted Watchdog. It isn’t really a matter for them, but I was annoyed.

I have been busy with work too, so haven’t got much to say on the events of the world either, I’m afraid.

What I do know, and what I forgot to mention yesterday, is that there may well be a Croma Italian restaurant opening in Prestwich Village. There is one in Manchester (off Albert Square) and another in Chorlton. Planning permission has been applied for for one of the vacant units underneath Radius.

I don’t know the detail of the application, so can’t comment on that. But a “cool” Italian chain like Croma opening up in Prestwich is certainly a good thing, I think. It will do much to attract people to the Village, and be a boost for the other businesses there. And, of course, the quicker the vacant units underneath Radius are filled, and more businesses move into Prestwich, the better.

Maybe more on the world at large tomorrow. As I say, very little today.


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