Monday, January 22, 2007


Saturday Party and Latter Day Saints

My weekend was very amusing. I had to be scant on the detail prior to Saturday because I was arranging a surprise party in Oxford for an old friend who is leaving for a new life in Australia in a couple of weeks. But he didn't find out, and the party was a huge success. You can read about it, and see the photos here, if you are interested in what I get upto between postings.

Tonight, as well as writing a ridiculously lengthy reply to my Dad's crime queries, I had a visit from some doorstep Mormons. I always try to talk to people who come knocking at the door for any reason (religion, a change in power supplier, political canvassing or whatever) because having canvassed at election time I know that there's nothing more nerve-wracking than knocking on strangers' doors, nor anything worse than getting short shrift from those inside.

They were only young guys, these Mormons, probably younger than me. They were impressed that I had heard of them, and that I knew about Utah and about the big Mormon church in Chorley. But when I started mentioning Warren Jeffs and the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints I don't think they warmed to my cheek...

I felt particularly bad for them though, because it is freezing outside and I doubt they are getting much of a warm reception from many people around here. I am full of admiration for their spirit, even if I had to say no to their offer of a spot of prayer inside with me.

And, having been door-stepped by them, our conversation was interrupted when I myself was door-stepped by a neighbour (and clearly a reader of Focus), who rushed out towards my house and enquired "Are you the Liberal Democrats?" I said that yes, I am ONE OF the Liberal Democrats (there are a few of us, even in Bury), and she said "you won't win round here - I'm a friend of Ivan Lewis' wife" before disappearing back inside her house. There then followed a lengthy explanation to my startled Mormon friends about who I was, who Ivan Lewis is, and why Cllr Donal O'Hanlon would find it odd that people think the Lib Dems will never win round here. It's only 8 months since Donal and the rest of us did just that...

It's too late to do anything about it now, but I think that next time anyone comes round trying to sign me up to something, I should go to the door armed with a Lib Dem membership form and try to beat them at their own game!


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