Sunday, January 28, 2007


Sunday Sunday

Today's leaflet-arama has been fairly intense. A group of us were out this morning, and were split in half so that I actually have no earthly idea which bits of the ward the other half did. I know that we did Fairfax Road and the surrounding streets.

I came back then and, with lunch in between, did Mountside Crescent, Arthur / Herbert / Mellor Streets, and Church Drive, partly with the help of my new leaflet partner in crime Laura. Thansk to Laura for helping out. I also distributed my street letter about Tulle Court to lots of people in the surrounding streets, bringing them up to speed with the latest developments.

Tonight I am not doing any more leafletting (it's dark and rainy, for one thing), and instead am settling down to watch Top Gear. I have no idea what Horse Power really means. Nor do I have the foggiest clue what "lb/ft of torque" is all about. But I do like Jeremy Clarkson racing a rubber dinghy to Norway with a Farrari, or whatever crazy stunts he's pulling this time. So I'll watch it as a good way to round off the weekend...


I assume its lb ft (ie weight * distance) so is equivalent to the moment (in Newton meters) around the axis - ie its the turning power :)

That brings back 'A'-level physics and maths :)
Thanks for the physics lesson Tristan! I didn't take physics (even at GCSE) and I scraped through Maths. I was always more of a words man than a numbers man.

I think my lb ft of torque would have shot through the roof had I had the option to turn around and bolt out the door of my maths GCSE exam!

Anyway, since I never hand-brake turn on an airstrip, i care more about whether a car has a good audio systemand comfy seats than what it can turn like... Jeremy Clarkson wouldn't like that!

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