Friday, January 19, 2007


Through all kinds of windy weather

Yesterday’s atrocious weather caused some damage in Prestwich – I saw lots of debris lying around, with signs uprooted near Tesco, and an enormous tree blocking Whittaker Lane. I hope no readers of the blog were adversely affected in any way.

The worst it got for me was an extremely lengthy journey to The Trafford Centre – so I suppose I got off lightly!

It does strike me as remarkable though how our transport network can grind to a complete halt in bad weather. Us Brits are famous for coping well in tricky situations, but we make it a lot more difficult for ourselves, with fools like me adding to traffic woes by deciding the Hurricane Night is a good time to go shopping...

I’d spent the day at work in Oldham, a town which is windy on the best of days. And yesterday was far from the best of days. I have honestly never seen anything like it. I could barely walk through it, and a number of my colleagues got off lightly when a large glass panel blew off the roof and landed feet from their cars. A window was blown out of the building opposite, and at one point I did think that I would be blown clean away and wake up in Muchkin Land.

I am away this weekend, so there’ll be no blogging. Or, indeed, any leafleting. I wouldn’t have liked to have been out yesterday evening! Although if the gusts had been times right, I could have floated from door to door...

Have a good weekend.


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