Friday, January 26, 2007


Tulle Court Residents Letter

The new St Mary's Focus has been printed,a dn deliveries start in earnest from this weekend. The problem with Focuses coming out every 6 weeks or so is that things move on quicker than that. But just because Focus may become out of date, don't think we stop caring. There is an article in the current Focus about the "rat run" proposals at Tulle Court - proposals which have now been shelved thanks to local campaigning supported in part by local Liberal Democrats.

So, lots of local people will be receiving Focuses in the coming weeks telling them old news about the rat0run. With that in mind, I have written a letter to go inside Focus, which will be delivered to all the houses near to Tulle Court. And this is what it says...

"Dear Neighbour,


On Wednesday 24th January I joined around 60 local residents at St Mary’s Church for a meeting to discuss Tulle Court. It was great to see so many people turning out to hear from the speakers, including representatives from the building contractors, the architects, and owners of Tulle Court.

There was some good news - the proposed "rat-run" linking Church Lane and Church Drive no longer forms part of the plans. The campaign to stop it, started by local people and supported in the current issue of St Mary’s Focus, has worked.

But there are also some major concerns highlighted by residents. These include the types of building materials to be used, the parking provision for the new homes, and concerns over privacy for existing residents. There are also worries over the increase in traffic caused by construction vehicles.

The proposals for the development will be put to the Council’s Planning Committee on 27th February. If you wish to raise any concerns at all for the Committee to consider, these must be submitted IN WRITING to the Council by February 25th.

The re-development of Tulle Court is key to the continued regeneration of the Prestwich Village area, and it is vital that everyone has their say. Local Liberal Democrats support local peoole, and are more than happy to help you contact the Council to give your views, whatever they are.

If you would like to talk to me about Tulle Court, please do get in touch - my contact details are at the top of this letter.

Kind Regards,

Richard Baum - Liberal Democrat St Mary’s Focus Team"

Obviously my contact details arenb't at the top of this blog, but if you want to have your say on Tulle Court, we're always here to help. Please get in touch via a comment on the blog or by calling me on 0161 798 4996. Or by email to


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