Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Up North

Tonight I am heading up North, following in the footsteps of many famous explorers and braving the wilds of… Tottington. Just call me “Sherpa Rick” from now on.

It’s a meeting about our campaign in Bury North in May, as well as the future plans for the Wards in that constituency. It will hopefully give us the chance to meet some of the many new members we’ve acquired there recently as well. And it will get me out of the house, where the remnants of Christmas (two dozen Chocolate Oranges, some Lindt Lindor and a box of Roses the size of a studio apartment – the price I pay for going out with a teacher whose kids give her pressies) serve to tempt me into a chocolate-fuelled eating frenzy around every corner.

The bedrock of Liberal Democrat support in Bury is in Prestwich, where we have 6 of the 9 Councillors, with plans on place for two more (with any luck) this time round. We’ve done less work in Bury North, because in the past there were more active members in the South. Now of course we have much more members up there, giving us the chance to work with them and bring more success for us there. We’ve got dedicated members in lots of Wards up there, and in the past we’ve come close to breaking through in some areas. Tonight’s meeting will give us a chance to see where we’re at.

In other news… Day three of the “Eat-Very-Little-But-Actually-I-Think-I’m-Eating-A-Bit-More-Every-Day diet is progressing with stomach-acid digesting slowness. It is thirty minutes since lunch, and five hours until tea. And it feels like the other way round.

I am counting the calories though, and I think I am still well ahead of the game. Emaciation is but a few short weeks away, I’m sure! Hurrah!


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