Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Wednesday on Tuesday

Another busy day at work today, and since thinking about that makes me want to run far away, I shall talk about trivialities instead.

Tonight I am going to see Manchester City play Sheffield Wednesday in the FA Cup. I am a Bury fan, but since they were expelled from the competition this season for fielding an ineligible player, I will have to look further a-field to find a cup game until next year (when Bury will doubtless lose in the first round to some non-league team).

It’s £15 to get in, which is apparently reasonable, but nothing compared to the £42 I paid for a season ticket at Bury in 1993. That’s 23 games for the price of three at City. And City have slashed their prices tonight!

I think it’s a little concerning that, at 25, I find myself harking back to “the old days.” But I am harking all the same.


I was there!

What did you think of the game?
Well, as I said in today's blog, I thought Sheffield Wednesday gave City a good run for their money. Unlucky to lose, I thought.

I haven't seen City this season, but it's obvious from last night why they're keen to hang on to Joey Barton - he bossed the game from midfield. If they can hang on to him they'll have done well. He seems keen to stay.

If they do keep him, I think they've got the nucleus of a good young side there. Micah Richards is clearly exceptional at the back for a lad of 18 (or however old he is), and Ireland looked good last night too. I was impressed with Vassell and Samaras looked good too. Stuart Pearce is clearly very committed and if he can keep hold of his players and attract some more quality buys, City might be challenging for top 6 next year.

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