Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Welcome to 2007

I’m back in town for the foreseeable future (well, the next couple of weeks at least), so the incessant recording of my life’s trivialities that is this blog returns.

I am very tired today, having had to return to my working-week sleeping pattern rather too abruptly. I lay in bed last night at 23.30, having barely been awake for twelve hours previously, staring at the ceiling and trying to work out how few hours were left before I had to get up again. Even such a disheartening calculation didn’t send me off to sleep.

When I was blasted awake at 07.00 by my alarm clock screeching the Radio 5 Live headlines, I honestly couldn’t understand what was going on. Normally Tamsin’s sedate “birdsong and babbling brook” alarm clock slowly brings me round at 06.50, but when she’s on holiday the first thing that greets me is Nicky Campbell shouting at me.

I banged the clock so that it would shut up, but having endured a fitful night of staring at the time and counting down the hours until I had to get up, I couldn’t quite understand that now was the time. A few minutes of dozing, then a second of blind panic that it might be 10.30 all of a sudden, led me into the waking world and blinking grimly into the sun.

I had a fantastic new year, the photographs of the night before, and morning after, are available for view, comment, and disappointed head-shaking.

I am looking forward to the year. There'll be a good campaign in the Spring, and here's hoping for Liberal Democrat gains in Prestwich and across the country.


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