Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Death Becomes Me

I don't care if they say it's man flu. All I know is that my head is being pounded by a thousand tiny hammer-carrying elves who have taken residence in my skull.

Off work today. Have made it downstairs at last. There's nothing for me here except groaning, shivers and mucus. I am picking up a dozen grapes and going back to bed.

I may be goen for some time.


I get fed up with all this "man flu" business it is so funny for everyone to laugh about these days.

I've just got over "flu", I had to have three days off school (I teach) and now, eight days in to my illness, although the temperature has gone, the cold receded, I am still coughing up so much phlegm that it is just tiring.

I always think it is interesting though that women go on about "man flu", claiming we put it on.

I've had five days off work in 5 years. Six years ago, when I was told by the doctors that I had depressions (and he was right), I had two days off work (whilst two female colleagues had between three and six months off).

I always remind women too off the physical hardships a bloke will put up with without major fuss. Seven years ago I broke my ankle in two places. To be fair, I thought I'd just torn a muscle, so I hopped everywhere for about 5 weeks, never took a day off school, basically, I learnt to cope. When my wife stubs her toe, we have a major drama on our hands though ?

Anyway, get well soon.
Thanks for your wishes.

Women do get quite a raw deal in the pain stakes. For instance, I hear that giving birth smarts a bit.

And, to be fair, if it was a toss up between man-flu and the female equivalent (bird flu), I know which one I'd prefer!

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