Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Getting better?

Well, it seems the living will / phone call to the undertakers / emotional letters declaring years of undying love to a number of female acquaintances may have been a tad premature. I am getting better, and probably now won't die of the man-flu / head-cold / stop whining there's nothing wrong with you, that I have been suffering loudly with in recent days.

Unfortunately my recovery has not come quickly enough for Valentine's Day. I was supposed to be treating Tam to a day at Chester Zoo today, but the headache / runny nose combo that always signals "romance" was too great for that. Instead, I have mooched about the house all day feeling sorry for myself.

I did make it out for an hour though, to spend £100 on a new wing mirror for my car (which is going through a "crumbling to bits before my very eyes" phase at the moment). Somebody kindly smashed it the other week, and its constant flapping was becoming off-putting.

Tonight we are treating ourselves to ready meals from Marks and Spencer. On previous Valentine's Nights I have cooked, but this time there is too great a risk of me sneezing violently into our dinner.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get back to work, start catching up with ther goings-on in Prestwich, and put this sorry, sneeze-filled week to bed.


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