Wednesday, February 21, 2007


If I could offer only one piece of advice, it would be..

...Never put Haribo Kiddie's Super Mix inside a rolled up pancake, to see how good it will taste. It just wan't worth the hassle. "Hmm," I thought, "that seems like a nice idea. Sweet Haribo to complement the batter mixture and sit alongside the chocolate sauce." Unfortunately, I hadn't reckoned on the heat, which melted the sweets into the consistency of pizza cheese, and rendered the pancake just a bit rubbish all over.

Still, it was a fairly successful evening, the tossing photos from which I will upload next week. None of them star me, I must say, although I promise I was there taking them.

Tomorrow I won't be blogging because I am going to the theatre to see The Producers in Manchester. But, it is an important day for Local Government tomorrow, as the Comprehensive Performance Assessment results are published.Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) is the way that central government measures the progress and improvement of Councils. All Councils are audited by the Audit Commission, and lots of performance indicators and inspection results go into a big mixing bowl, to produce a final "star rating" for Councils every year. ANd tomorrow is the day when the new star ratings are released. So, check out the Audit Commission website in the morning to find out how Bury Council did (and every other Council, for that matter). When I am back blogging on Friday I will link to lots more details about CPA.


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