Sunday, February 04, 2007


Leaflets, Frogs, Theatres, and Religion

Lots of leafletting over the weekend - so much so that next week we'll probably print the new Focus, having dispatched most of this month's already. In fact, we've covered so much of St Mary's that attention turned to Sedgley. Yesterday we stomped around Downham Crescent (I am told that Prestwich's angriest dog has died since tearing a chunk out of my finger, so I leaflet less gingerly than before). And today the streets connecting Albert Avenue and Kings Road, which gave me a not-really-much needed excuse to pop into (the shop formerly known as) Deli King for some bagels. Six, in fact. Although three were for Tam.

We got chatting to a lovely man who debated all things political with Cllr Vic D'Albert for quite some time. He was a member of the Jewish community, who I think are woefully under-represented in local politics around these parts. I hope that if I ever get the chance to serve the people of Prestwich, I can use the fact that I am Jewish to help some of the people from the community who may be disengaged. But in the meantime, we are working on this local resident and maybe he'll join the Lib Dems himself!

I was disappointed to hear from my Mum today. Normally it is lovely, but today I was greeted with a very audible frog in her throat, announcing to me that she won't be able to help leaflet this week, and I shall probably be out alone. I may have to press-gang Tamsin, or my neighbour who has recently shown increased interest. And it only took six months of persuasion, a significant bribe and three restraining orders...

Yesterday we went to see Will Young leading in the Noel Coward play "The Vortex." After the obligatory "I think I'd better leave right now" gags from all and sundry in my party, we settled down to watch what was actually a pretty impressive turn from the Pop Idol turned actor. I am not a particularly sophisticated theatre-goer, but I know when I'm entertained (the secret is whether I start thinking about traffic-calming measures in Prestwich during the action, or keep my mind on the story. Actually, who am I kidding, my mind is far more likely to turn to football and girls than anything else. If it's a REALLY bad play I might start thinking about traffic calming!). And entertained I was last night. It was the last play of the season, and once again I am going to renew my season ticket for the next one. Four Saturday night plays for £45 can't be beat.

Well, it could be, clearly. They could make it £25. But they won't.

But, what has vecome clear from the weekend's non-theatrical activities, is that the election season is coming closer to us. I wonder how many times between now and May 3rd I will use the word "election" in my blog? I could open a spread account or something... Whatever the final tally, the next 87 days until polling day will see us working very hard across Prestwich. I think there'll be a letter for local people asking if they want to help us, going out with the next Focus. And hopefully this weekend's leafleting adventures will be just the latest step on the road to winning in May.


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