Thursday, February 15, 2007


Less ill, but all's not well...

I am at approximately 60% today, which represents a steep improvement from yesterday and the day before. I was at work all day, spreading infection and coughing lots. It was both distressing and strangely satisfying to note that three of my colleagues have gone down with the same bug.

I had a few Tulle Court related dealings today, ahead of the planning committee meeting on the 27th. I have been working with a local resident to try and ascertain a few facts about the proposals - namely who owns the land, whether the Council have sold it, and if so for how much. We aren't getting very far, and it seems odd that the people who have put the application in for the developments don't seem to own the land. I have asked the Council to provide some more details.

Tonight I am off to Northern Air Hospital Radio, where there is an open night. I have been a volunteer there for a number of years, formerly presenting and gathering requests from patients, and more recently as membership secretary. Of late I haven't been down as much because of the Lib Dem work, but I am going down tonight, shivers / headaches and all!


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