Friday, February 09, 2007


Less money in my pockets for another busy weekend

I received the agenda and policy documents for the Lib Dem Spring Conference todya - and remembered that I hadn't got round to booking a hotel. As appealing as two nights in my car is, I feel that now I am old enough to work for a living, I am also old enough to afford an hotel room. And so I am now £144 lighter than I was an hour ago.

Which is a concern, given the weekend that awaits me. I am not leafletting tomorrow, and am instead going to see Manchester United. I am not a fan, but someone I have met once, and who lives far away, has somehow bagged some hospitality tickets, and since he knows I live in Manchester, has very kindly offered one to me. So I will be joining the prawn sandwich brigade, for one day only.

After that, somebody has suggested that I attend a greyhound racing meeting. I have been once before, and know that, enjoyable or otherwise (and I am still on the fence on this one) it spells certain wallet-emptying disaster. I may just curl up into a ball and go to bed.

I will make up for Saturday's dereliction of duty in favour of hob-nobbing with corporate types, by doing a double shift leafletting on Sunday, so watch out on the streets of Prestwich, for there I shall be! And I'll have to scrub up nice, as Cllr O'Hanlon and I are having photographs taken for Focus. Neither of us are super-models, so for once I am glad of the appalling quality of my camera, which renders us so grainy as to appear interesting, and have the mysterious air of people who may actually be very attractive...


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