Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Snow Joke...

Snow is on the way, so I'm told. And although I work for a Council and know exactly how hard the gritting people work (very), I'll bet all the money in my pockets that lots of people are angry tomorrow when they're skidding about all over the place.

The traffic on the way home tonight was as bad as if the snow had arrived a day early. The motorway was closed at Simister Island which, for non-locals, is not the palm-fringed and sandy beach haven you may imaginre from the name, but is instead a concrete roundabout where three motorways converge in traffic oblivion. The closure meant that I was divertted onto unfamiliar side-roads, tripling my journey time, and at one point delivering me full circle round the Moston area.

The entire experience was made even more unpleasant after the latest car-bashing incident which has befallen my poor little Punto. In the last year I have had a hub cap removed (Tam beats me there, she has had all of her's taken), and a buttock-shaped dent inflicted to the rear wing. This on top of the 2002 scar which arose when someone threw a brick in the window to steal my radio. This incident was made more bearable because the man concerned was stupid enough to commit the crime in full view of two policemen, who arrested him whilst he was choosing which of my tapes to nick (Simon and Garfunkel Greatest Hits or Les Miserables - the original cast recording. No wonder he dilly-dallied over that one!). Last night my wing mirror was snapped, leaving it dangling. The outer rubber tube still stands, but the inner plastic casing has snapped, so it wobbles when I move, making driving at any speed above 3mph seem like a speed-boat trip through a hurricane.

And last time it was icy on the roads, I lost control of my car whilst doing about 5mph and went hurtling into a high curb, knackering the suspension. SO tomorrow's cold snap doesn't bode well for the car either...

However, aside from motoring disasters, I have been working on some more of the new Focus tonight. The Hilton Lane junction story is coming along - it transpires that a petition has been started, and I will certainly be adding my name to it. Th resident who originally contacted me has also been in touch with my colleague Cllr Ann garner from Sedgley ward (the road concerned is the border between Sedgley and St Mary's), so I think we are all going to meet up.
In addition, we are finding more out about the latest legal wranglings over The Retreat, and letting all of St Mary's know the good news about Tulle Court. I sent a residents' letter out to 200 of my neighbours last week after the public meeting, but now everyone can know about plans to stop the rat run. Which is great.

And now I am off to watch the England game. Which, since it is a friendly and the team is missing half of itself, is bound to be utter rubbish. But we can only live in hope...


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