Saturday, February 17, 2007


Still ill... It's just not funny now

I'm still suffering. It's got better, yes, but I am still coughing lots and sleeping little. I was supposed to be in Newcastle this weekend, but since we are both stricken by Plague, we've decided to stay here.

I spent yesterday trying to get further information on Tulle Court for a local resident. We are still getting to the bottom of who owns it, and whether or not the Council got the best deal when selling it. I have requested the information under the Freedom of Information Act, so I will get it at some point!

That's an interesting tip actually - I have been fobbed off many times by Councils, or just plain ignored by officers and Members alike. But if I insert the phrase "Freedom of Information Act" into any request, they are legally obligated to provide it (with a few exceptions and with the small possibility of a charge). So if you want to oil the wheels on a query, try that.

I missed a trip to see some allotments in the Ward today. Cllr Ann Garner made the trip, but I wasn't really well enough to attend (I would've coughed enough paracetamol and cough syrup vapours over the vegetables to have ended any claim to "organic" status they may have had!). It's a shame really because I'd have liked to have learned more about them. Allotments intrigue me. I don't know anyone who owns one, but there are loads of them and they always look like the most fertile corners of the Ward!

Tomorrow sees a return to leafletting. The new St Mary's Focus is ready to go, so my I'd better get better or they'll never get delivered...


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