Monday, February 19, 2007


Typographical Errors and Precipitation Issues

Tonight we went out leafletting in Prestwich Hills. I say this every time I go there, but I'd love to live there. It is so quiet and peaceful, definitely my number one place to live in the Ward. Although, having said that, it is a bit out of the way - not as convenient to walk to Sainsbury's and buy a needlessly massive bag of crisps like I can do from Clifton Road at the moment...

It was raining throughout our trip tonight, so apologies to any resident on the receiving end of a soggy Focus and Crime Survey. Also, a resident pointed out a couple of things wrong with the new Focus. First, it's "St Ann's Road," not "St Anne's Road" as I put on page 2. And also, the article about Belvedere Court may not have quite been explicit enough about the causes of the problem with parking there. I wasn't saying that Belvedere Court residents were creating the issue - in fact they are the victims if anything.

Maybe we can run a "What's Wrong With Focus" competition and offer a prize. The prize could be 200 Focuses to deliver...

The rain was fairly irritating tonight actually. I don't mind it normally, but tonight the drizzle was so persistent that I felt like screaming at the sky "RAIN!! Either rain properly or don't bother! This spitting drizzle really isn't worth your effort! Come on, get a move on!" But that would probably have had me carted off to another part of the ward (Prestwich Hospital) for at least a temporary stay, so it is perhaps a good job that i kept quiet.


You call that a typo? You don't know what a real typo's like! My favourite was an error of layout, rather than spelling... the word "Uckfield" was there fine but the large capital F of Focus was in a very unfortunate place...
Sounds like things are active up in Bury!

There's nowt more exciting than leafleting in the rain eh?

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