Monday, February 26, 2007


Weekend highjinx

The weekend was great. Tam's birthday was fabulous, and our friends made it so.

On Friday night we welcomed a couple of friends up from London, and they were joined by more on Saturday, turning our house into something approaching an upscale refugee camp for twenty-something professionals in search of a bed for the night.

In the daytime we went to the Heaton Park funfair, which was Tamsin's choice. She put life and limb at more risk than I am comfortable with by riding the types of rickety rides that clatter my bones as soon as I look at them. My motto is never to ride on rollercoasters that can be folded up inside a trailer, and so i spent my time losing lots of 10p pieces in those sliding machines that always promise to shove out hundreds of dangling coins, but somehow never do.

We went to dinner and then to the 23rd floor Cloud Bar at the Hilton later, and then on Sunday gorged ourselves on the world's loveliest and most expensive cake, purchased for a King's ransom from Slattery's in Whitefield. It was nice, yeah, but for that price I was expecting Kylie Minogue to pop out.

Photos of the festivities are available here


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