Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Windy walks followed by lengthy absences

I am just about to go leafletting on the Hilton Lane / Butt Hill route, braving the showers and the winds. There is a fair chance that this will be the last blog for a few days, as tomorrow evening I am out with friends, and then on Friday I am off to Harrogate for the weekend for the Lib Dem Spring Conference. Ever since my quasi-Stalinist workplace IT people, with their virus paranoia and impenetrable firewalls went and blocked every website under the sun (including this one), I can't update the blog in my lunch hour, and so it is an evening job. And, since I am not here for three evenings ont he bounce, I can't blog. But, there are worse things in the world I suppose.

As well as the conference to talk about on my return, there is the Tulle Court update after the Planning Committee Meeting, as well as news of my latest 10k run challenge... But they will all have to wait (see if you can hold your breath until Sunday to find out about it!) for now, because I am off out onto the streets of Prestwich, and if I wait any longer we will all have been blown and washed away.


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