Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Action update - West Road and litter

Yesterday I was contacted by a resident of West Road (near to my house, not far from Clifton Road off the Village) talking about problems with litter. The street is pedestrianised in parts, and too narrow for the street cleaning vehicles to get down.

I am impressed at how often my own street is cleaned, but then it is fairly busy. We also have the advantage of a couple of waste bins to deal with the litter generated from the takeaways on Bury New Road. Unfortunately, too often some of the other roads in the ward are left out.

I have raised the issue with the officer in charge of street cleaning in Prestwich. I asked him how often West Road and the other streets around here are cleaned, and whether alternative arrangements are in place for uniquely challenging streets like West Road itself, which is too small for the normal vehicles. I also asked whether further bins could be installed along the Village and in nearby streets. Too often my front garden resembles a waste recycling facility or the back yard of a takeaway, and I'm sure I'm not the only one!

I await the response from the officer, and will update you when I get it.


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