Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Area Board and absolute madness

I am just about to head off to Prestwich Area Board (6pm at Butterstile school in the fantastically unlikely event that you will read this between now and then, and be in a position to go, and want to go), where much will be debated including road repairs and the latest goings-on around these parts.

One thing that will be spoken of as a matter of urgency is the latest spate of vandalism in the area, which has now spread from broken car windows to the same gang of youths bringing down street lights. Aside from the annoyance and high cost of this activity (£20,000 of public money has had to be spent on repairing the lights, rather than on caring for the sick and old or any of the other Council services), it is becoming more widespread. Over half a dozen lights have been shaken from their foundations in recent weeks. It is incredibly stupid behaviour, and I hope the perpetrators are caught, prosecuted and punished as a matter of urgency. The lights are heavy pieces of street furtniture, and knocking them over is dangerous to traffic, pedestrians, residents and everyone else. Live wires are being exposed and roads and pavements damaged. It must not go on, and hopefully tonight's Area Board will be the latest step towards stopping it.

I will keep you updated on the outcome, and on other things from the Board. In the meantime, if you experience any incidents of vandalism, in particular street-light vandalism, please let me know after contacting the Police.


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