Friday, March 30, 2007



Last night saw the final few St Mary's Focuses distributed. We bumped into Labour leafleters at one point. Labour's Cllr Gibb and her campaign team were out on the same streets. We don't see them very often during the year when we leaflet, so it's nice to see them out and about - it's re-assuring to know that we haven't got the dates wrong and there really is an election coming up!

So tonight our happy band of leafleteers descends upon unspuspecting Sedgley to begin the process of delivering leaflets there too. It is a sobering thought that in the next month we will probably post a very large number of pieces of paper through people's doors in Prestwich. Possibly quite sobering for residents as well, as porches and doormats may not be able to cope with that volume of paper each...

I jest, obviously. The problem with blogs is that even the most absurdly sarcastic statements are typed entirely devoid of vocal tone, and thus rendered ever-so-slightly plausable. I assure readers, that last one about thousands of leaflets per house was meant as a joke.

We'll be out a few times over the weekend. Tonight at 6pm for instance, and then tomorrow at 12 and again at 5. I am then taking my long suffering girlfriend Tamsin out on Saturday evening, for a Chinese meal and then probably the cinema. We are celebrating her latest essay mark for the M.A. in Education that she is doing. Having got 78% with her first essay, she managed a truly shocking 93% this time round, prompting me to come to the conclusion that either the tutor marking the paper was drunk, or I am living with a genius. Given her taste in men, I can only assume it to be the former, which is disappointing for her because I think the essay is very good indeed.

If indeed we do make it out tomorrow, I shall resist the urge to post the restaurant menu through any nearby letterboxes, or walk quickly from ticket booth to ticket booth in the cinema dropping pieces of paper in each. Such habits have arisen lately as my leafleting moves from a twice weekly habit to a nightly addiction. It is perhaps no co-incidence that Cllr Vic D'Albert's mobile phone ring-tone is "Re-hab" by Amy Winehouse (this is true, not a blog-based piece of sarcasm, and a perhaps disturbing insight into the world of Prestwich Lib Dems... My own ring-tone, by the way, is "Here Comes the Rain Again" by The Eurythmics, in particular the line which goes "Talk to me like lovers do." I thought this would be funny for a phone tone, but nobody else does, and I'm stuck with it now).

We do have the problem of choosing what film to see tomorrow though. There's not much on, so with any luck we will eat enough Chinese food to make subsequent movement nigh-on impossible, and stagger home instead. I can consider a strategy whilst pounding the streets with leaflets between now and then. So if you see me and I look miles away, I am thinking about celluloid and dim sum, that's all.

Have a good evening,


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