Sunday, March 11, 2007


Exec Meeting tomorrow - not really much before then!

Today there was more leafletting in Holyrood - the Merton Road and Milton Road area. And kudos to our planners, who named parallel streets after literary God John Milton and "Have I Got News For You" panellist Paul Merton. Such variety...

Tomorrow is the Bury Lib Dem Exec meeting - the final one before the election on May 3rd. So I imagine it will be a rallying cry to the party membership to really get us in the mood for the spring campaign. The pace of leafletting has already speeded up, together with crime surveys to residents across Prestwich as part of the "We Can Cut Crime" campaign. Tomorrow is also the night when the candidates for the elections will be formally adopted, so I will let you know the news as to who the Liberal Democrats have chosen to fight for the Prestwich Wards.

This evening I shall be concluding my "rock and roll" weekend with a large dinner in front of the TV. Tamsin is out at a "thank you" meal from the owners of the dancing school she teaches at two evenings a week. So I am all alone with the time that used to be given over to Top Gear. Tonight there is an interesting-sounding programme on about freedom, and how we've managed to go about losing it of late. I am hoping that this may be an elongated party political broadcast for us, but somehow I suspect they'll manage to avoid it. Never mind.

And then tomorrow I am back in work which, for the time being while all my friends are otherwise engaged, markes pretty much my only form of social interaction. Which is just about the saddest thing I've heard all week!

Enjoy your evenings,


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