Monday, March 05, 2007


Focus tonight, Area Board tomorrow

Tonight I am writing the new edition of St Mary’s Focus, with articles about the budget and the still-looming Metrolink catastrophe of which we still know very little.

I am still trying to get to grips with the desktop publishing software we use, which refuses to do as I tell it despite looking very easy to use back in the training session… It also makes my face look extremely pointy in photos, something that I can’t imagine being true in real life!

Tomorrow night is the Area Board, at 6pm at Butterstile Primary School, where, incidentally, I am a governor. So if you want to have your say on anything that’s going on in Prestwich, make sure you go to the meeting – all Area Boards are open to the public, with time set aside for questions. Tomorrow night’s agenda includes discussions on which of the roads in Prestwich will be repaired in the coming year, with the allocation of budgetary funds to ensure that work happens where it’s needed most. So if your road has a pot-hole in it, go along and have your say!


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