Monday, March 26, 2007


Focus, Tulle Court and Charlier Brooker

Work is proving to be a petty irritant getting in the way of electioneering these days. Much as I lobby those in power at my place of work, they won’t give me the next six weeks off. Which is unfortunate, I must say. And that's where I was today.

Still, now that the clocks have gone forward there is enough light to allow for leafleting in the evenings without the perils of slipping over on dark, wet concrete and hurtling towards serious injury at the bottom of someone’s driveway.

On the menu for the evening is more Focus/Annual Report distribution – this is becoming a common theme of late, and I apologise for the repetitive nature of these postings. But believe me, it’s easier reading about it than it is doing it!

8 o’clock sees the residents’ meeting on the Tulle Court development, which I will be attending. Also in attendance will be Cllr Vic D’Albert, the Lib Dem member for Holyrood ward. Although not a ward Councillor for the Tulle court development technically speaking, Vic does live in St Mary’s and so makes amends for the fact that our own Cllr Donal O’Hanlon can’t speak up on behalf of residents because he is on the Planning Committee himself.

Residents (like me) can speak for or against any planning proposal for 2 minutes, but Councillors can speak for as long as they want. That’s great, but for St Mary’s it’s a little unfair given that two of the three ward Councillors are on the committee, and the other can’t attend the meeting. So Vic steps into the breach.

There’s clearly still some concern from residents that a number of the issues raised at the first Planning meeting are still to be addressed – parking, privacy and alleyway safety to name but three. We shall see how the Committee pans out tomorrow.


PS - I am a big fan of Charlie Brooker, who writes for The Gurdian. His columns often have me in stitches - it's like somebody has entered my brain and dragged out my darkest thoughts before scattering them liberally in the newspapers. His column today about not understanding the finer detail of current events is not especially funny, but does resonate particularly with me, as someone so often in awe of the complexities of the news. Take a look.

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