Saturday, March 24, 2007


Hectic Leafletting, Prestwich Hills and Tulle Court

A day of hectic leafleting today, interspersed with case work. I began early on meeting a resident of Crosslands on Prestwich Hills, who would like an oddly-sited lamp-post to be re-positioned. She was also concerned about some anti-social behaviour in the alleyway connecting Crosslands to the rest of Prestwich Hills. I have often thought this is a pretty needless alleyway, since it only takes a 50yd detour to walk the long way round. The lady thinks that it would not be a bad idea to gate off the alley, or see if anyone in the houses bordering it wants to buy it. I will query with the Council what they think about that and the lamp-post.

After that meeting, it has been non-stop leafleting. First off the Riverview / Fitzgerald estate near to the bottom of Butterstile Lane. Then I joined Cllrs O'Hanlon and D'Albert for Scott and Shakespeare Roads at lunchtime, and then came home to do Clifton Road, Dashwood Road, James Street, and Kingswood Road.

I also spoke to a resident about the Tulle Court development. There was a meeting of residents today where some of the issues were discussed. I didn't find out about it until afterwards, but I do intend to go to then next meeting on Monday, ahead of the final Planning Committee meeting on Tuesday. The meeting is at 20.00 at 26 Church Lane (the residents' meeting that is - the Committee meeting is at the Town Hall), so if you are interested, come along.

At 5pm I will be back out leafleting with other local campaigners. As yet I don't know where.

And then tonight, Tam's parents are treating us to a meal out, as a belated birthday present to her (although it is actually closer to my birthday than it is to her's!). So I will finally get the chance to relax ahead of more leafletting tomorrow!


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