Saturday, March 10, 2007


How big IS Bury?

Today we went leafletting in Holyrood ward, dropping off Focuses and Crime Surveys in the name of Cllr Wilf Davison, who is defending his seat on May 3rd there. This afternoon we went round the Polefield estate, but this morning saw us trek far further than I thought the boundaries of Bury should rightfully go - over the hills and far away across the M60, past Simister towards Middleton - to do the Baguley Crescent area. It was the first time I'd done that route, and it was nice to see a part of the Borough that I am pretty unfamiliar with.

Tonight my rock and roll weekend continues as I settle down in front of the second half of Middlesbrough v United for a spot of ironing. It runs out that not a single friend is available to me, and thus I may even have to sink to an all time low and watch "Dancing on Ice," or whatver it's called on ITV1. Although, honest to God, I think staring at a blank screen would be better for me. Thankfully I have Lynne Truss' new book "A Certain Age" to keep me going. It's a collection of monologues (along the lines of Alan Bennett's "Talking Heads"), and the first few that I've read have been excellent. Hopefully the rest will keep me detained until bedtime!


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