Tuesday, March 20, 2007


In the bleak mid-winter

This evening I am out leafleting hte Mountside Crescent route, which also includes Church Drive, Carmona, Clough Drive, Sunny Lane, Herbert Street, Arthur Street and Mellor Street.

I say that of course, but all rests on the ability of my hands and fingers to withstand the temperatures, which have plummeted in the last couple of days. This morning, for the first time in its five year life, my car wouldn't start. Although, after a stern look from me it relented and propelled me to work as normal.

Other than being at work, I haven't really achieved much today, so there isn't a huge deal to report, other than the fact that now over twenty people have joined my election campaign group on Facebook, so if you want to become the latest member, and receive campaign updates and news, visit the site and search for my group.


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