Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Lib Dem Candidates for Local Elections Announced

The Executive of the Bury Liberal Democrats met on Monday night to select the candidates to fight the May 3rd local elections in Bury, and I have been selected to contest St Mary’s Ward.

Sedgley Ward will be contested by Steve Wright, and Cllr Wilf Davison will defend his seat in Holyrood.

I am delighted to have been selected to fight St Mary’s by the local party, and if the people of St Mary’s put their faith in me at the election, my promise to them is that I will try my best never to let them down.

The selections in the other Prestwich wards are excellent too. Cllr Davison has served Holyrood with distinction for many years, and I hope he is re-elected to continue his good work. Steve Wright is an excellent local campaigner, steadfastly committed to local issues, a leader of the Save our Schools campaign and a genuinely passionate local resident. The people of Sedgley could not ask for a man more determined to do good on their behalf.

It would be a privilege for me to serve the people of my local community – the people of St Mary’s where I live, and the people of Prestwich where my family have lived for three generations.

I thoroughly enjoy the challenges and rewards of campaigning in Prestwich with the Lib Dems, and as I speak to local people and try to help them resolve problems, the one emotion I feel strongest is the common desire to see Prestwich become a more vibrant, more successful and more cohesive community.

I want that too, and I’ll be asking for your votes to help us achieve that together.

We’re lucky in St Mary’s – there are problems, yes, but there’s some beautiful open space and woodland, some fabulous shops, great transport links, and friendly local people.

But there’s much to be done. For too long now we in Prestwich have been forgotten by the power-brokers in Bury.

Prestwich may be the southern-most tip of the Borough, but it’s just as important as everywhere else, and deserves to be treated as such. If elected I will join my Lib Dem colleagues on the Council in trying to secure the very best for Prestwich.

The flow of traffic along Bury New Road needs urgent attention. Discussions on the renovation of Prestwich Precinct needs to be a top priority – it needs to be done sympathetically, to benefit local people and local businesses. We need to increase parking provision and fix our local roads. We need to keep on supporting Prestwich Arts College and all of our local schools. We need to make our road crossings safer and our pavements free of holes and cracks. We need to work with the police and the Council to crack down on crime and give our young people more to do. We need to cut out anti-social behaviour.

I give my utmost support to residents trying to sort out these problems. I am a local resident too. I’ve helped people with pavements, with anti-social behaviour, and with traffic issues. I’ve worked with local residents about Tulle Court, the Retreat and Prestwich Hospital. And I know that in helping them, we all get the rewards of an improved Prestwich.

I live on Clifton Road in the heart of St Mary’s, and I’ve had problems with traffic, parking, and anti-social behaviour myself. That’s why I got involved with the local Liberal Democrats. And now I have the chance to make a difference as a local councillor – if you put your faith in me to work for you.

Cllr Donal O’Hanlon has led the Lib Dem fight in St Mary’s all year, through Focus leaflets and on the streets campaigning – on The Retreat, fighting to save schools, making sure recycling happens. Now I have the chance to join him, and to add to his good work. This is just the start of the campaign for me and the Prestwich Liberal Democrats, and I look forward to talking to more local people as we move on together towards the elections.


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