Thursday, March 15, 2007


More on street cleaning

I received a reply from the Council today about the street cleaning issue I raised yesterday. Sometimes the Council can be extremely quick with their responses, and it really is excellent customer service.

They have confirmed that every street in the Borough is subject to cleaning on a six weekly rota, using the sweeping machines. In Prestwich, Bury New Road through the Village is actually swept and cleaned by hand twice a day, by the same person who empties the bins.

The resident who originally contacted me was a bit disappointed that the reply from the Council didn't consider our point about extra bins on West Road, and the problems of cleaning on the stepped / pedestrian parts of the road itself. So I have written back asking for more details. Something must have worked though because I was contacted later on by the same person to say that the steps on West Road were being cleaned there and then, for the first time in months! So another victory for Prestwich residents, and I'm glad the Lib Dems could help oil the wheels!


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