Sunday, March 18, 2007


Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all mums around the world. Especially to my own, who I suspect is the only one likely to read this blog...

The day is one of unique events for us both. Not only does it mean a free feed and a present for Mum, but it also means a Sunday without leaflets for me! Although the weather may have seen to that anyway, as it did last night when the rain forced an abandonment of our attempts to do Meade Hill Road in Sedgley. All of a sudden I feel like an international cricketer, having to call a halt to proceeedings when it rains - although this wouldn't necessarily be such a bad thing for the England team at present.

The problem with rainy and leaflets is that they are reduced to pulp. My face looks pretty bad on them at the best of times, but when in liquified state it suddenly becomes less of an ugly mug and more of a simple affront to decency. So we have to give up and go home. Thankfully, being stalled by the rain is where the cricketing analogies end, because whereas batsmen have to flee from balls hurtling towards them in bad light, we casn carry on leafleting into the wee small hours.

Enjoy your Sunday.


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