Thursday, March 29, 2007


The Papers are in

Well, there’s no turning back now. My nomination papers have been submitted, and the Council is now as aware as I am that I am the Liberal democrat candidate for St Mary’s Ward.

With that in mind, tonight sees a return to the leafleting trail after my night off last night watching the Andorran dirge. Much of the latest St Mary’s Focus and Annual Report has now been delivered, so we have the remainder to do, and the next Sedgley Focus as well to get on with.

The election is five weeks today. Thirty five days of campaigning on issues that matter to the people of Prestwich – the future of schools, protecting our parks, saving local post offices and sorting out the traffic. It’s going to be a busy time listening to residents and seeing how we can best respond to their needs. But Liberal Democrats believe in giving power to local people. We don’t want centralisation and the vesting of decision-making in Whitehall and Town Halls. We want more decisions made locally by people who know about the issues and can provide the best solutions to problems.

That’s what the campaign in Prestwich will be about. The Liberal Democrats have listened to local people about schools, hospitals and recycling. We were at the forefront of the Save Prestwich Arts college campaign, and led the fight against changes to Fairfield Hospital. We have successfully forced the Labour group on Bury Council to invest in 28,000 extra recycling bins.

Labour don’t listen to local people. They have ignored the residents of Prestwich time and again over education, policing and The Retreat. With Labour in charge, taxes are going up, and services are being cut.

And the Conservatives in Prestwich can’t win. They were miles off the pace in 2006, and have done nothing since. Their candidate for St Mary’s Ward lives miles away in Unsworth. If there is no Conservative living in St Mary’s who is worthy of standing, why are the Conservative’s worthy of your vote?

The Lib Dems in Prestwich do listen. I am proud to say that I live in the ward, and have spoken in person to every single resident who has contacted me on any issue. I intend to continue this if elected. I want to help people sort out their problems and make Prestwich the place that we all want it to be. I want to equip local people with the means to improve the lives of the whole community. Labour aren’t doing that for Prestwich, and the Conservative’s can’t. The Lib Dems can and do. And we will in the future as well.


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