Tuesday, March 27, 2007


The perils of modern communications

This evening I leafleted in Rainshough, on Halliwell Road and the roads nearby. For once I was by myself, although my mother was supposed to be out helping. I'd given her a call on the way home from work to confirm the time, only to receive no answer. I thought it was a little odd, and after a few more failed attempts to get in touch, started to think the worst had befallen her (injury to leafleting hand), followed by a succession of other campaign-related tragedies that could have way-layed her (crushed under two ton pile of Focuses / engrossed-to-death by interesting Annual Report articles/ transfixed by Cllr O'Hanlon's smile etc etc). Such images monopolised my thoughts throughout my delivery.

I returned home still none-the-wiser, only to see mum's car parked outside the house. In it she sat, waiting calmly for me to return from work to commence the leafleting. The look of heartbreak on her face when I told her it was done, and her hour long wait outside my house was in vain, was pleasurable only for the fact that it confirms my suspicions that she actually quite likes coming out with us!

So that was my leafleting adventure tonight. Other than that, the day was spent at work of course, and in between work and leafleting I popped in to see a local resident about a landlord and tenant issue he is involved in at the moment. I have also been talking to my neighbours about signing my nomination papers for the election. All candidates need the signatures of 10 local people, so it's good to know that I have at least that number of people willing to sign their name to the cause!


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