Thursday, March 22, 2007


Presentations and Strategising

A very busy day today, both in work and outside of it. Hence not much time for a big blog, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately…). I have been working on a presentation all day which the Chief Executive of the Authority I work for will give to another Local Authority next week, concerning the “improvement journey” of my Council. That took up the whole of my working day. Not that it is particularly sophisticated - it is just that there is something mystical about trying to correctly format Powerpoint slides that makes entire days fly by in an instant... By the end of it, after spending 8 solid hours staring at my screen, I wished the poor presentation nothing but ill. Sadly, it still isn't finished, and I am working from home tomorrow to get it done.

And then tonight will see both leafleting and a campaign strategy meeting, bringing together candidates and activists from across Bury to discuss the campaign and our activities leading up to May 3rd. Unfortunately, I suspect that my suggestion of blowing the entire budget on a solid-gold fifty foot high statue of myself to replace the glass wall in Prestwich Village will be rejected, even after I withdraw the idea of it permanently revolving so as always to face the sun (this is my secret bargaining tool). They tell me that this plan might be less effective a vote-winner than writing and delivering Focuses… Well, you learn something new every day, I suppose... We'll see how it goes.


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