Monday, March 19, 2007


Prestwich Lib Dems to raise money at Great Manchester Run

Regular readers of the blog may remember my painful (yet moderately successful) attempts at running a few months ago (pictures available here and here). From a (literally) standing start, I trained up and managed to complete a couple of 10k road races in the Autumn. It got a bit cold after that, and now we have the campaign to take up my evenings, but I have agreed to do another 10k in May. It’ll be on the 20th May, a couple of weekends after the election, which will give me absolutely nowhere near enough time to train, but, since it’s for a good cause, I have agreed.

I will be part of the Prestwich Lib Dem team which ill also include Cllr Tim Pickstone of Holyrood ward, and we will be running in aid of the George House Trust, a Manchester charity working with people with HIV. I am currently collecting sponsorship for this very worthy cause indeed, and am tonight asking for readers’ help.

As I say, this is a fantastic charity working with people who are often in great need of support. This event is one of the George House Trust’s major fundraising activities, so let’s see if we can raise as much as possible.

If you would like to donate, please visit my online donations page here. It is easy to give money online, and is 100% secure.

Thanks in advance,


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