Friday, March 09, 2007


Rock and Roll Lifestyle

It occurred to me, on the way home from work today, as I pondered the thought that trying a "lightly battered" from Armstrong's tonight, as opposed to the normal version, would probably be the highlight of my weekend, that I truly do lead the proverbial "rock and roll" lifestyle.

I have been deserted, slowly but surely, by all of my friends of late. One has emigrated to America, one has emigrated to Australia (a disturbing pattern is emerging...) and several others have left Manchester for pastures new yet closer (Swindon, for instance). Two of the remaining few have decided to go to Paris this weekend, leaving me with a very limited field from which to choose from indeed. And since Tamsin dances on a Friday night, I find myself here, with nothing to contribute to the week's-end party scene than a stern look of rejection.

Still, aside from my relatively batter-free dinner this evening, I have leafletting to look forward to over the weekend, as once more we step into the streets of Prestwich armed with nothing more than 200 leaflets each, and a smile.

Lord only knows what I'll do when the night falls tomorrow. I may have to go to the pictures alone - Tam has an essay to write for her MA, and, as we've discussed, there really is nobody else left.


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