Sunday, March 25, 2007


Sunday Sunny Sunday

So the first day of British Summer Time seems pretty sunny outside - perfect leafleting weather as it happens, which is handy given the likely fare for much of the day. It's 11.15 as I write, and I have already been out once this morning, polishing off some local streets in the West Road / North Road area.

I also discovered the most taxing gate in Prestwich. Frequent leafleters - like postmen, I imagine - encounter all sorts on their rounds, from the simple latch type, to the grandiose ones with sliding bits and floral accompanments and enough metal to construct a nuclear submarine. But I had never come across one quite so rusty and utterly unwilling to budge as the one I came across this morning. A battle between man and gate ensued, which thankully for the human race I won, eventually. And the lucky resident with the rusty gate received an annual report and Focus. I can only assume that the person who lives there is a world-class weightlifter, because otherwise the simple task of getting in and out of his house must be quite a trial. Anyway, all is well in the world of gates...

We'll be out group leafleting at 12 and 5. And in between, my weekend takes a turn for the wilder as I do some ironing.

Last night's meal at Sam's Chop House was pretty nice, food wise. After the leaflet frenzy of yesterday I thought I'd reward myself with a slab of meat the size of a Yellow Pages.

Once again though I thought the service was pretty slack. The food took an age to arrive, and they got a couple of things wrong with the order. They also served my drink in a glass with a crack so large that it actually classed as a geological feature.

I don't know if it's the type of restaurants I frequent, but this service problem seems to be happening an awful lot these days. Pretty much every time I go out. Where once there were attentive waiting staff and slick service, now there seems to be a shortage of everything, food taking ages and even when it comes coming in dribs and drabs so that my food is luke-warm by the time other peoples' arrive. Strange. Still, it was very tasty.

And at least my being out meant that I missed the England game. It's a shame bookies don't take bets on games just being "a bit rubbish". If they did I'd have won a fortune by predicting the outcome of last night's! Although, having said that, they'd have been offering very short odds. It was England away after all.


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