Sunday, March 18, 2007


There's a reason we have elections in the spring...

The only logical reason that we have elections in the Spring is to enable party activists to avoid being blasted across the face and body by showers of freezing hail stones, surely? We get cherry blossom and the tweeting of freshly hatched birds instead, no?

Well, no.

Which is why today's apocalyptic weather was even more annoying than it would otherwise have been. I thought, when I got into this game, that we could take a rain-check when the going got tough. Sadly not.

Still, there is something satisfying about requiring the use of a convection heater and a towel when returning from a stint of leaflet distribution. Rather like the look of pride after a hard day's graft. No mere weakling could have survived... It takes fortitude...

And the important thing is that despite the balls of granite-hard freezing ice that came pounding directly from the sky onto my head, the good people of Albert Avenue in Sedgley now have their Focuses.

Tomorrow sees the printing of the new St Mary's Focus, the delieveries of which will continue all week long. Hopefully the weather will stop its evil cackling and return to tranquility, otherwise I will need to invest in protective clothing of some kind. My frail cardigan and recycled leaflet bag weren't made for such trials...


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