Tuesday, March 13, 2007


This evening's plans...

Tonight I am out leafleting again, this time once more in the streets of Simister, as we ship the final batch of Holyrood Focus and the associated crime surveys. Many thanks to all the Prestwich residents who have returned their surveys. The information we’ve gathered allows us to deepen our understanding of the types of issues affecting local people, and we can work much more effectively with the local police and the Council to make sure resources are targeted in the right areas. More of the surveys are arriving every day, and of course there are still some people in Holyrood who won’t have received their’s yet. If you haven’t filled in your’s, there’s still time, and of course it’s a freepost address so it won’t cost you more than the price of an envelope.

It was a gorgeous blue sky this morning, as I prepared for an 8-hour stint indoors. But now that I am going outside it appears to have clouded over and will doubtless start to rain the moment I set foot out the door. But such is life. It mocks me, and I’m used to it.


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