Sunday, April 15, 2007


21 + 5

Yesterday was my birthday. It was also fellow Prestwich Lib Dem Cllr Andrew Garner's birthday, and I am feeling slightly guilty that whereas I slunked off for some fun after 4 hours of leafleting, I am informed by those in the know that he actually worked on the campaign for 47 hours yesterday.

Still, I did get out and deliver the first batch of the new campaign leaflet for a good proportion of the day, part of a pretty sizeable team again. And now that leaflets are going out with more and more frequency, I am getting stopped in the street more by local people, which gives me a great opportunitry to talk to them about the issues that matter to them. It happened a few times yesterday, which gives me plenty to discuss with the Council on Monday.

The birthday celebrations themselves were pretty low-key. No marquees in Heaton Park / troupes of performing acrobats etc. And I believe that Prince William and Kate Middleton had an argument midweek about whether or not to come out with us in celebration. Must've been a pretty big one...

The day has crept up on me because of the campaign, and I had managed to organise precisely nothing. So Tam and I went to see a film which I quite fancied, called The Lives of Others. It won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film this year, and has just been released over here. It isn't particularly light-hearted birthday fare, but in terms of drama it is very impressive. Well-written, excellently acted, and with a plot that keeps audiences interested until the very end. I think there is a dearth of good thrillers at the pictures at the moment - especially ones with a bit of historical intrigue about them like this one - so I thoroughly recommend it. Not that I am in an way a knowledgeable film critic. I just know what I like.

After the film we went for tea. I had given Tam a choice of restaurants I'd like to be treated to, and she'd booked for us, so it was a surprise until we got there. We chose Simply Heathcote's, which was the one on the list I hadn't been to before. It was exquisite. Genuinely lovely food, and great service as well. And thankfully it wasn't the type of place where I can order enough food to severely damge my internal organs, so I managed to walk out with ease, rather than roll out with a grimace and a groan.

So all in all a cracking birthday! Back on the leaflet trail today...


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