Sunday, April 22, 2007


Busiest Weekend

This weekend has been the busiest of the campaign so far. With just over ten days to go until polling day the Bury Lib Dem team have been busy across Prestwich delivering Election Special number 3 to residents across town. There's been a fantastic response to our call for help from supporters, and there have been new faces helping out from far and wide, which is great news.

In the time I've been out I have also met lots of wonderful local people who have been giving their support to us. They've been volunteering to help leaflet, or put up a poster, or stuff some envelopes for us. Anything they do is gratefully received.

If you are yet to receive your Election Special number 3 leaflet, it will come in the next few days. And if you have any queries of questions on reading it, my number;s on the leaflet - just give me a call.


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