Sunday, April 01, 2007


Campaigning Today - and Happy Pesach to Jewish readers.

The weekend's leafleting continues. Yesterday there were lots of us out, distributing to a fiar proportion of Sedgley. The weekends are always busy, and yesterday was no exception. Although leafelting is at 12 and 5, the campaigning doesn't end there. Our campaign HQ is continually noisy with the sound of leaflets printing, being folded and sorted. There are also enveloped that need stuffing (90 minutes of that from me yesterday had various bits of me acheing that were pretty unpleasant) and lots of other tasks that need doing as well.

Today we'll be out twice again, at 12 and 5, with lots more of Sedgley to do. But we won't be the hardest working people in the ward today I'm sure, as it is the first day of Pesach (Passover) tomorrow, and local Jewish esidents are preparing for that. I hope the preparations go well for that, and that Pesach is enjoyable and successful for all those celebrating it.


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