Thursday, April 05, 2007


Canvass Catastrophes

A couple of canvassing "faux pas" have occurred in the last couple of nights which have provided amusement to my colleagues, and may do the same to you.

Last night I was asked how old I was by one resident. I answered honestly that I was 25. As I said this I realised that she might consider this a bit young, so I thought about making her feel more comfortable by making myself sound older. In a fit of worry I said "...but I'll be 26 in a couple of weeks!" Whilst true, I think I only succeeded in making myself sound like Adrian Mole ("I am 13 and three quarters!") or some other kind of child counting down the weeks til he's that much closer to being a real grown up.

Much mirth was had at my expense after that. I almost went and told my mum!

And then tonight, I had my first "celebrity canvass." I won't reveal the name of the celebrity concerned, but I think I probably managed to end any hope of him voting our way on May 3rd. He isn't Hollywood A-list, but is seen on TV reasonably regularly. When he answered the door I thought "ooh, I recognise this person... Where on Earth from?" Unfortunately whilst thinking this thought I failed to speak, and left him standing there bemused for a few seconds. After enquiring as to his voting intentions, I apologised for the earlier pause, saying "I thought I recognised you from somewhere, but I couldn't put my finger on it..." Then I walked away. And THEN I realised exactly where I knew him from. It wasn't from work or from school, but from the TV. So essentially what my fumbling explanation said to him was "you may think you're famous, but frankly all I know is that I've seen you once maybe, somewhere. Your achievements are miniscule, and whilst you may consider yourself a TV personality, you have about as much fame as the guy I see daily wandering out of the newsagents." Which of course is a horrible thing to have unintentionally said. I almost went back and explained my admiration for his body of work. But thought better of it.

Again, when I mentioned this to my colleagues, there was laughter aimed at me.

Such have been the joys of my last couple of days.

If it wasn't for the fact that 99% of the time I am normal and the local people are brilliant, I don't think I'd go back every day!


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