Thursday, April 12, 2007


Chris Davies MEP joins us canvassing

Tonight we were joined on the campaign trail in Rainsough by Chris Davies MEP, one of the Liberal Democrat Members of the European Parliament for the North West. Chris has been a great help to many local parties over the years, including our own here in Bury South, and tonight was no exception as he helped us canvass in support of my St Mary's campaign. Having a "dignitary" along with us didn't stop us from meeting the usual high numbers of great people on the doorstep, and as ever the response was very positive from a great number of local people.

We paused to talk about the Lib Dem Blue Bin Budget with one resident, as pictured above. The Lib Dems attached an amendment to the Council's budget meaning that every home in Bury will have access to a blue bin in the coming year - 28,000 extra blue bins for Bury. Chris Davies is the Lib Dem spokesman on the environment in the European Parliament, and it's great to have his support on this crucial issue.

We had a large number of canvassers out tonight - part of what sees to be a growing band, and we covered a huge deal of ground meeting lots of great local people and talking the issues through with them. My thanks to everyone who helped out tonight, and all the residents who gave us some of their time too!


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