Monday, April 09, 2007


Films and golf and dreams

It seems to have got a bit cloudier today, just in time for the return to work tomorrow. I suppose the sun gets tired of shining just as we get tired of leafleting. However, the sun gets time off, whereas we don't. Such are the advantages of being a celestial body, I suppose.

The problem with all this leafleting is that it does leave me very tired in the evenings. Last night there wasn't much alternative but to stay in, given that it was Easter and everywhere was closed. However, I did manage to veg out in front of the TV for a change, and saw a great film that I've just bought on DVD. I saw it at the cinema years ago, and it was on offer so I thought, "why not?" The answer to my question arrived halfway through the film, when for some reason the disc decided that it too wanted an Easter holiday, and refused to play any more. It began jumping around and going all fuzzy, before causing my DVD player to give up on itself entirely. After some analysis of the disc and an interesting move involving a cloth and a wiping motion, we returned to some semblance of noormlaity, but throughout the remainder of the movie it was like watching the film behind an invasion of on-screen ants crawling all over the place.

No such worries with the golf, which kept me entertained until midnight, when I wandered off to bed and DREAMED ABOUT LEAFLETS. Which disturbed me greatly. More of the same today no doubt, as we crack on with more.

Enjoy the Banck Holiday.


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