Saturday, April 28, 2007


Five (Labour Let-downs this year)

Labour have let St Mary's badly down this year. Lib Dems act on behalf of local people all ear round. Compare our action on Prestwich Arts College, The Retreat and Blue Recycling Bins to Labour's record of letting local people down:

1) Labour have continued their programme of closing down old people's homes in Bury, including Claremont in St Mary's ward. The Lib Dems have steadfastly opposed this programme, and have supported our vulnerable elderly residents when they've faced having to move from the homes they love.

2) Post office closures - Labour have supported Post Office closures, 9 out of 20 of the Post Offices in Bury South (including in Prestwich). Lib Dems value local post offices and are campaigning up and down the land to preserve these vital local facilities, including here in St Mary's.

3) The Re:D Centre in Bury. Lib Dems campaigned hard to stop the closure forced by Labour's funding cuts. In the end, only legal action stopped Labour's plans.

4) Police cuts - labour plan to cut 216 police officers from the Greater Manchester force, at a time when anti-social behaviour is on the rise, with vandalism, illegal motorbikes and muggings worrying us all. Lib Dems propose more police officers on the beat, paid for by abandoning Labour's ill-conceived and expensive plans for ID cards.

5) Tulle Court - Labour's man on the Planning Committee, Cllr Grime from St Mary's, backed developers plans, against the wishes of local people who fear traffic and privacy problems. He even prevented the Lib Dems from speaking up for residents in the Planning meeting! Is this the type of support for local people we want in St Mary's? Lib Dems have worked with residents throughout to try and come up with a solution that residents are happy with.

Only five days until the election in St Mary's, and it's a two horse race between the Lib Dems and Labour - canvass returns and previous results tell us that the Conservatives can't win here (they haven't won an election in Prestwich since 1992!). Ask yourelf the important question - who can you trust to stand up for Prestwich?


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