Thursday, April 05, 2007


Four days off? Not on my watch!

So the working week has come to an end, and the Easter break is upon us. Happy Easter to all those celebrating it, and I hope that everyone has an enjoyable long weekend.

A large part of mine will be spent with fellow Liberal Democrats in Prestwich as the campaign gathers momentum. It’s a crucial stage now, as we take advantage of the extra days off work to get on with leafleting and canvassing. I have lobbied long and hard for the Easter weekend to be lengthened into the “Easter Month” and take in all of the time between now and the election, but sadly I have been rebuffed by the powers that be.

So I’ll be out delivering leaflet and talking to potential voters across Prestwich in the next few days. We also have Liberal Democrat posters to go in house and car windows, and stake-boards for walls and gardens available now, so if you’re interested, please get in touch. There are Richard Baum posters for St Mary’s, as well as Steve Wright for Sedgley and Wilf Davison for Holyrood in Prestwich, and these too are available. If you are interested in displaying your support, please get in touch. I’ve never been a huge fan of my surname, and now lots of versions of it will be plastered across the ward on people’s houses. It’s an ego-boost sure, but, as I was reminded so often in the primary school playground, I just wish it didn’t look quite so much like the word “bum...”


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