Sunday, April 29, 2007


Four (more years of neglect for Prestwich?)

Remember that on Thursday we are electing a councillor to represent St Mary's for four years. So consider what has happened in St Mary's in the last four years...

- The Retreat has been built, at huge cost, and left to decline into a fenced-off mess.

- The number of Police officers on the beat has declined. How many do you see on the streets now?

- Prestwich Precinct has continued to decline, with empty retail units and a huge block of flats rather than prospering businesses.

- Traffic has ground to a halt through the village, as the numerous sets of traffic lights and the needless parking bays have forced cars into a bottleneck.

- Our local youngsters have been scared that their popular local school will close, after Labour threatened to shut it.

Until last year, ALL THREE councillors in St Mary's were Labour councillors. And the Council itself was run by Labour. The Conservatives have been nowehre to be seen or heard.

Lib Dems have been campaiging to stop Prestwich's decline for years. Last year, for the first time, you put your faith in us and elected Cllr Donal O'Hanlon to be your Lib Dem represtentative.It has been a privilege for me to ork with im this year. Compare Labour's record of inaction and decline to what Cllr O'Hanlon and I have achieved in JUST ONE YEAR.

- Lib Dem controlled Prestwich Area Board has forced action on The Retreat. It will soon be knocked down and replaced.

- Lib Dems were the onl party to campaign to save Prestwich Arts College. The campaign worked, and the school was saved.

- Lib Dems secured traffic flow improvements by making sure the traffic lights were sequenced properly, and removing excess parking bays on Bury New Road. We continue to work with local people to find alternative parking arrangements.

- Lib Dems have secured a blue recycling bin for 28,000 homes left without one by Labour. If your's hasn't arrived yet, it will arrive before the summer.

So remember, Lib Dems work for Prestwich all year round. We have achieved more in one year than Labour have done in four. On Thursday we elect a Councillor to join Cllr O'Hanlon for another four years. So ask the question - who can you trust to stand up for Prestwich?


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