Sunday, April 08, 2007


Leaflets and eggs

Many, many thanks to the hard-working colleagues and friends from the Lib Dems who have given so much of their time this weekend to help with the campaign. We have achieved a great deal over the last few days, leafleting virtually the entire ward. In addition, our canvassing is going very well, and we have identified lots of supporters willing to help with the campaign in many ways.

Today we are still taking advantage of the glorious weather and will be out talking to local people and distributing more election Focus leaflets. On my rounds I have also noticed leaflets from Labour and the Conservatives, which is a novelty and clearly a sign that the election campaign is in full swing!

So I'll be back out on the trail this afternoon, and hopefully I'll see lots of local people out in the garden enjoying the sunshine. Happy Easter to everyone - I have only had one egg so far today (courtesy of Cllr Ann Garner), so things are looking up diet-wise. It may all go to pot later though. In fact, I suspect that it very probably will...


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